You didn’t do ANYTHING. You built NOTHING. Politician Talk is CHEAP.

On November 6, 2012, Elizabeth Warren suggested that without government, there would be no education, construction, roads, or success.

In response to her speech, we received the following email response from a working family member with a 3rd grade education.


Dear Senator Warren,

You didn’t do ANYTHING.  You didn’t build NOTHING.  Talk is CHEAP.

The guy who got out of bed and went to work, and showed up on time and sober, built this country.  The young lady who does her homework, works hard,  and  becomes a doctor, nurse, or an EMT   is the hero that actually saves lives on the streets of this beloved country.

In reality, it is the student who shows up prepared for class who is the one who actually learns from a teacher. To be clear, without construction professionals and hard working labor members, there would be no bridges and roads. Further, without citizens & their police dedicated to serving and protecting, there would be no safety. Further, criminals in prison cost our nation billions and DONT build anything while depriving the widows and poor of needed funds for food and health care…

No politician or government bureaucrat ever built a single church, hospital, or school.   That’s right, individual men and women build things.  Hard working folks develop and harness their creative spirit while maximizing their talents for the good of family and others interested in creativity. It is individual people have ideas and create things and NOT the DC Fat Cats.  It is people and families who decide to band together to do great deeds.  Individual taxpayers are the soul of this country and the only means of paying government payrolls.

Without individuals, there is no group, there is no village, and without contributors, there will be no progress.

For true and lasting prosperity,
It takes an cooperating and contributing INDIVIDUAL
IT takes a FAMILY dedicated to making the community and world a better place.

Signed: Myren X


Below picture of politician Elizabeth Warren.

English: Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29...

English: Elizabeth Warren speaking at March 29, 2010, at the Women in Finance symposium. Warren was part of a five-woman panel discussion. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)