Leader of the Opposition – Conservative Labor Movement

  1. Civil Rights For Working Families – Enforce the Constitution to guarantee everyone freedom to enjoy a job without undue economic servitude and forced labor through unreasonable taxation, regulation or oppression. Limit federal servitude and taxes to 20% for anyone taking home less than $100,000 per year. Eliminate all taxes on elective overtime pay for anyone earning less than $400,000 per year. Eliminate fiscal servitude and triple taxes on savings for debt payoffs by working families.
  2. Enlarge Unemployment Insurance Rights – Insure and finance education and training for workers for up to one year.   Provide one month of severance for every year of prior service. Use the quarterly payments into Social Security as a benefits gauge.
  3. Expand Taxpayer Rights To Organize, Negotiate and Strike – Patriotic rights to meet with the city, state and federal governments for better wages, property tax reductions and benefits.
  4. End Race And Gender Discrimination Once And For All – Remove color, gender or ethnicity from any job application documents. Make no diversity decisions without considering the disparate effects on family, spouses, significant others, children and dependents.
  5. Catastrophic Protection For All – Every working American would have up to $1 million in life insurance and $1 million in health care coverage for themselves and their loved ones. Guarantee universal life protection to all families in bankruptcies due to catastrophic health care or bureaucratic attacks on retirement savings, family homes and homesteads.
  6. Equal Rights For Families Of All Dynamics – Mandate equal worker rights for all families with children. Mandate civil rights for time with family and augment laws to create opportunities to work from home. Provide equal protection for people with sick and disabled children or parents.
  7. Charity Fairness Laws – Allow working family revenue increases for providing free services to the country and community. Offer special treatment for teachers, health care workers and law enforcement.
  8. Working Family Productivity Credits – Allow adults to work without double penalties New laws should allow 100 percent of any child or elderly expenses for education or health care to be a business expense or be fully deductible.
  9. Equal Access To Quality Education – Any education for children should be a revenue neutral expense without tax penalty. Thus, public sponsored education should be safe and of good quality for all and reasonable substitutes should be available to all children.
  10. Fair Trade – Abuse Of Trade – Require government and domestic agencies to allow for equal protection of all domestic businesses.
  11. End Corporate Welfare – Require all non-profits, guilds, unions and charities to contribute to the community with a fair share of taxes. Further, government workers and tax exempt charities should not be able to pay for 1st class travel, lavish hotels or limousines unless it is a national security issue.
  12. Wealth Preservation Tax – Super rich foreigners and citizens will pay a small percentage of asset protection taxes to the banks. The money collected would be used to protect global money invested in the USA and to stop domestic bank failures and fraud.
  13. Civil Service Equality – Take the politics and social engineering out of the government. Eliminate special treatment to anyone based on party affiliation or ethnicity.
  14. End Domination Of Elections Using Corporate Welfare Dollars – Restrict the use of non-taxed income or non-profit dollars to be used to manipulate any election. All election money used to influence government should be after-tax dollars.
  15. Job Transition Protection – If you leave a job to secure a new one, laws will protect you from a loss of health insurance or rate increases for 5 years.
  16. Toxic Waste Prevention – Have higher standards against dirty food, toxic urban water and environmental concerns such as smog and urban contamination. Enforce safety and health regulations. All safety equipment for home, office or transport should be deductible and non-taxed to protect our homes and workspaces from toxic pollution.
  17. Comprehensive Immigration Reform And Diversity – Enforce our national promise that all immigrants will be treated equally with no foreign nation given an unfair advantage over other applicants with proportional representation of our citizens provided to all countries for immigration.
  18. Tuition Fairness Civil Rights – Students from the USA will be charged no more than any other student regardless of which state or territory they are from (“Education Equality”).
  19. Elder Abuse Rights – Enact national laws to protect the elderly from hate crimes.
  20. Child Abuse Protection – Any crime of child sexual molestation or child rape will contain hate crimes sentencing guidelines including potential life in prison for a violent offense. Any establishment or charity that obstructs or covers up such behavior may be subject to punitive damages and criminal convictions.
  21. Victims Compensation Rights – People who have been victims of violent crimes should have access to disability rights and health care. The estates and benefits of the offenders should be subject to seizure.
  22. Diversity Protection For Working Families and Small Business – Those who are from out-of-state or from outside of the region should have equal treatment for jobs, appointments and city contracts. People and companies from outside of larger cities should be protected from salary and benefits discrimination.
  23. College Admissions Fairness – Students from underserved populations should have greater access to the colleges of their choice.   Subsidized colleges should be mandated to use benign measures to recruit citizens from areas with higher education scarcity and provide equal numbers of scholarships to students from underserved populations.
  24. Gender Fairness And Women’s And Family Rights – Government regulation and fairness for jobs and benefits for families and women. No spouse should have her civil rights violated because she has children or a family. In the same vein, if a man is seeking work, he should not be discriminated against because if he is overlooked for a position, his spouse or dependents may suffer the damages due to an unfair advantage given to another person.
  25. Improve Political Voting Rights – Stop the forced labor of any city or state government worker to campaign for any politician. Mandate all civil service workers refrain from campaigning during working hours as an expansion of the Hatch Act.
  26. Freedom From Religious Persecution – Stop religious bigotry toward working families, spiritual groups, teachers and farmers.
  27. Freedom To Associate Peacefully – Expand rights of NAACP vs. Alabama. In 1956, Democrats attacked the NAACP’s freedom of association seeking member names to oppress the vote. Government employees who violate group civil rights should lose their immunity and be subject to criminal charges. Today, the IRS is attacking minority and spiritual groups to find out who are members and to oppress spiritual and philosophical beliefs.
  28. End Wage Inequality – Mandate fairness in wages. Those who work online, from home or from a suburb should earn the same wages as those who have the luxury of living in the city or closer to work.
  29. Guarantee Equal Justice For 100% Of Citizens – Make sure that all people have rights against undue search and seizure, the right to defend their home and automobile against criminals, and the right to communicate without unreasonable surveillance.
  30. Currency Security – Protect savers from inflation and cheap currency. Stop waste by reducing taxation of government spending.
  31. Stop The War Against Families – Fix laws that break up families and create regulations against mothers and children.
  32. Wealth Generator Laws – Have no federal employment taxes on new hires by individuals and small business for 1 year.
  33. Luxury Taxes On Counter-Productivity – Those who are receiving unearned government benefits and have free time should be obligated to contribute an equal portion of their time to the productivity of the nation. Since those with jobs are penalized and robbed of 15% to 60% of their time, talent and effort, an equal contribution must also be made by those who receive free benefits without chipping in.
  34. Educational Affirmative Action – Create a fund for any students to take any college courses online toward a degree. Allow credits from all government backed schools to be consolidated for a general degree or diploma. Eliminate tuition bigotry. Students from underserved and rural areas should be allowed to pay less for tuition due to the economic disadvantages.
  35. Human Trafficking Eradication – With the beginning of equal protection of ethnic minorities in the 1860s and the end of Italian “economic servitude” and human trafficking in New York in the early 1900s, the time has come to increase criminal penalties on any indentured servant arrangements.
  36. Civil Rights For Disabled Elderly – Eliminate multiple taxation of the disabled. Any money spent by citizens to care for themselves or to care for disabled family members should be a direct expense to their job or business.
  37. Equal Access To Jobs – End the impartiality toward workers and allow them to telecommute if needed for jobs in the major cities if there is no harmful impact. This will save time and reduce pollution.
  38. Pollution Mitigation/Clean Commuter Law – Mandate that all government jobs work from home one day per week if possible. This could reduce government related pollution in the USA by 20% and expand oil and gas reserves.
  39. Universal Disaster And Crime Relief – Expand accident, clean up and theft deductions for individuals and business. Money spent to replace, repair or clean up uninsured losses should be 100% deductible. People spending money based on hurricane, flood, earthquake, crimes against their persons or property or tornados should not be punished with adverse fees and taxes.
  40. Body Treatment Liberty And Proactive Choice – Ensure freedom to have access to medical treatment and drugs that can assist, cure and alleviate sickness and disease for children, elderly and the general public. People should have rights over their bodies to utilize the medicine of their choice under the supervision of a physician.
  41. Conservation And Sustainability Priority – Take more action to reduce global pollution offshore, create a movement to plant and grow more trees for reforestation or harvest and protect the water supply from overpopulation issues.
  42. Eliminate Jail Time For Possession Of Marijuana And Related Schedule Drugs – Treat violators just like any other violator of laws related to drunk driving and drug testing. Possession of larger amounts with intent to distribute should be criminally regulated like any other business attempting to sell medicine or alcohol without a license or avoiding paying taxes to the IRS.
  43. BHS Beyond Head Start – We need to fix the education system so that rural and urban children have the opportunity for education and therapy that is needed to make sure they have an opportunity for a normal life.
  44. Prosperity Fairness/Equal Opportunity – “New Labor” wants to make sure that all people have a fair shot at prosperity under the law. Nobody gets any unfair advantage from the government based on religion, ethnicity or origin.
  45. Family Discrimination – No college applicant or job applicant should have their family’s religious, monetary or ethnic background used as a basis for receiving or not receiving financial aid or affirmative action.
  46. Health Scarcity Protection And Family Choice Equality – All money invested into healthy children and family planning should be tax deductible including women’s health products and services. The political war against families should be eliminated.
  47. Education Debt Security – All education costs and debt should be a fully tax deductible expense by anyone who pays for the tuition, books and housing or who carries the debt.
  48. Working Families – All of them should share in the fruits of their labor and be rewarded by the government for their efforts and contributions either by benefits or by leaving the people alone.
  49. Jail Elimination For Working Families – Eliminate any threat of jail time or criminal prosecution for anyone who disputes their taxes of any amount under $1 million owed.


* These rules are the creation of a study over the last 25 years. These are copyrighted materials owned by the Author. Copyright 2014