Top 10 Reasons The Democrats Lost the Senate

  1. Unlawful IRS Investigations of Faith Based Organizations
  2. Worst Economy in 80 Years – An 8 Year recession since the Senate Takeover in 2007.
  3. Middle Class Income down 6 years in a Row.
  4. Benghazi Massacre of American Dignitaries and Diplomats – First such torture and death terrorism since Jimmy Carter.
  5. Live Beheading of International Journalists from the USA
  6. Hostage Debacle – Release of 5 master terrorists for a trade of one Soldier.
  7. Harry Reid and the Senate Shut down the Government for the last 2 years and refused to send any legislation to the President for consideration.
  8. War on Families – The continued lack of leadership to help families with jobs and tax relief.
  9. The Loss of Respect for the USA in international relations.
  10. Ebola and other uncontrolled disease released into the USA due to an Weak Boarder Policy causing death to minority victims and great injury to union members who are nurses.